Jesus Has Left the Building

a book by paul vieira

the book

Christ-Followers everywhere are leaving the church…where is Jesus taking them?

When you sit in church on Sunday, do you ever get the feeling that something is missing? Do you long for a deeply genuine connection with God and other believers but often walk away empty and unsatisfied?
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You are not alone. Many church-goers are stumbling onto a path that leads out to the other side of the stained-glass window. They are finding God there and discovering a powerful truth – we are the church!

As a journey guide, this book delivers compelling answers to some difficult questions:
+ What was Jesus’ original church like?
+ How is God reshaping Christianity today?
+ Has God left the building before?
+ Do I have to leave too?
In Jesus Has Left the Building you will find inspiration and courage to follow Jesus down a road towards spiritual freedom and release from the oppression of religion.
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This book paints with vivid colors the beauty of how Jesus and his close friends lived life together, and the product of the author’s honest quest to return to a simple and ancient expression of Christianity.

Jesus has left the building – don’t you want to find out where He’s going?
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2 thoughts on “the book

  1. Found your book thru Jon. Just put it on my iPad to read. I left institutional forms 17 years ago. I thought I knew so much but now know I have so much more to learn. By faith, I moved out, and God has surprised me at every turn with the beauty of the body of Christ far supersedes pulpit and pew routines. I am still constantly amazed how blind, or addicted, or bewitched believers are by this system. I was once also, but I eventually recognized I must obey the Word, not men’s traditions that nullify the Word. Buddy Greene has written and performed a great song “Jesus Has Left The Building”. It is outstanding in my opinion. I first heard it around 10 years ago. From my perspective, Jesus has never been in the building. “God does not dwell in buildings made with hands” appears in both Testaments. All those songs that appeal to God to “fill this place” or “meet us in this place”, etc. are theologically bankrupt of significance and corrupt believers understanding of God’s amazing plan to only dwell in His people. We are his only temple. There is no such thing a a holy place or holy ground, only a holy people.

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