Jesus Has Left the Building

a book by paul vieira

what others say about the book

“This is a rare and wonderful book. In an age of hype, up-marketed ministry and talk-show host dearth of content, Paul has given us a genuine gem rooted in something I believe is very close to God’s heart.”
Winkie Pratney

“The great news about this book is that you really get the sense that you’re being drawn to an encounter with Jesus and where He’s inviting us to go – not just being fed another perspective or opinion on the current state of the church or where it’s headed. I must say that in the midst of so much chatter and theorizing about the current state of affairs in the church world this is beyond refreshing … it’s actually quite radical. Paul brings a much needed perspective to the wrestle of re-discovering Christian community that is grounded in real life and engaged with the culture at large. Maybe we should wonder – was Jesus ever in the building at all?”
David Ruis, singer, musician and song-writer; founder of the bas ilea community

“Paul has published a great little book called Jesus Has Left the Building. Paul writes in a casual manner why he left the church to find real Christian community. The book is good and worth reading, and I think young people will resonate with its casual informal tone. If you are one of the millions who have left church or are feeling a little “excommunication envy” [not a real word, i just made it up] then Paul’s book has the content AND the tone of the actual conversation.”
Andrew Jones,

“Yes, Jesus Has Left The Building, for God has always moved in and beyond religion. You will be encouraged by Paul’s transparency as he wrestles to the heart of the Gospel uncovering a way of experiencing Jesus beyond our best expectations.”
Jonathan Campbell, Co-Author of The Way Of Jesus

“This book has been a blessing and a challenge to me! As I generally minister outside of the ongoing discussion regarding post-structural Christianity, I appreciate all the more the insights of Jesus Has Left the Building. Paul’s thinking is clearly based on Scripture, yet informed by his own trials and tribulations. But you will find no navel-gazing or pent up bitterness toward the Church here! Paul’s love for the Body of Christ leaves an indelible imprint on the reader, but not as much as his love for God. This refreshing work tackles with unstinting commitment the issues facing all genuine disciples of Christ who want to serve God’s agendas more effectively in today’s world.”
Jason Mandryk, Co-author of Operation World

“’Jesus Has Left The Building.’ In fact, He probably never really wanted to be “in” it in the first place. From Exodus 19 onwards it is clear that God’s intention for His people was that they be a kingdom of priests that each one of us impact our world, our sphere of influence, and not just gather together to bless each other. And based on the latest research from the Barna Organization, it is not just Jesus who has left the building. Increasingly, Christians by the millions are opting for more effective ways to serve the Lord together. In this fascinating study, Paul helps us understand from both scripture and his personal journey why this is happening and what the Lord is doing in helping His people re-engage with their world.”
Tony Dale, House2House

“In Jesus Has Left The Building Paul Vieira graciously and generously points the way to new vistas where God is taking His beloved community in our postmodern context. With the divine sensitivity of a prophet and the heart of a teacher, we are shown how following Jesus in the twenty-first century strongly echoes the ancient rhythms of the very first.”
Mike Morrell,

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